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We are excited to welcome all Johns Hopkins University undergraduates, regardless of major, to apply to join Cobalt. Members gain invaluable experience working with companies and collaborating with team members, allowing them to build professional skills for success in a multitude of careers and industries. If you are interested in joining Cobalt, please fill out our mailing list form to become a general member, and follow our LinkedIn for updates regarding timelines for joining the operations or consulting team.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in Cobalt?

Our members come from a truly diverse background of majors, interests, and experiences. Majors range from Biomedical Engineering to International Studies, and our members have worked at a variety of startups, consulting firms, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. However there is one common theme among all Cobalt members — we are all passionate problem-solvers that want to make a lasting impact on the world.

Those that sign up for to be a general member will gain access to life-sciences and healthcare professional development opportunities, industry trends newsletters, unique employment opportunities and alumni panels. 


Members that are a part of the Consulting Team will be involved in semesterly engagements (6-8 weeks), working on each engagement for a select client within a pod of 4-5 team members. Members on the Operations Team will be involved in the day-to-day operations of running our organization, and can be involved in groups such as client development, external affairs and events coordination. In addition to professional activities, Cobalt hosts many memorable events for its members, including social dinners in Baltimore & Washington DC, boat outings, and retreats.

What will I do at Cobalt?
What does Cobalt look for in applicants?

We simply look for those that are truly passionate about what they do, have the ability to collaborate with others and think comprehensively & analytically — as these skills are at the core of what makes an amazing consultant.

Do I need previous consulting experience to join?

Not at all -- many of our members joined without any consulting experience. Cobalt is looking for members that are sharp, passionate, analytical, hard-working and determined, regardless of previous  occupations and activities.

Should I apply even if I am not interested in consulting as a career-path?

The ability to think quickly on your feet, analytically break down problems, and comprehensively present solutions, are just a few skills that members at Cobalt hone. These abilities are applicable and highly desired in nearly every single career path, and aren’t things that can be easily learned from a course or textbook — they require real-life exposure and execution. Cobalt’s semesterly engagements allow members to be quickly immersed in cutting-edge industries and learn important analytical skills, giving them a more worldly  perspective to bring to any career path. We truly encourage those from all areas of study to apply; many of our members come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from pre-med, pre-law, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Economics, and more.