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Join Us

We are excited to welcome all Johns Hopkins University undergraduates, regardless of major, to apply to join Cobalt. Members gain invaluable experience working with companies and collaborating with team members, allowing them to build professional skills for success in a multitude of careers and industries. If you are interested in joining Cobalt, please fill out our mailing list form to become a general member, and follow our LinkedIn for updates regarding timelines for joining the operations or consulting team. 

Applications will be open between 10/19/22 and 11/02/22 and can be accessed below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in Cobalt?

Our members come from a truly diverse background of majors, interests, and experiences. Many common academic backgrounds of our student team include Biomedical Engineering, Economics, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and Computer Science. 

Our members have worked at top consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers. In addition, many of our members have gone on to work throughout the life sciences & healthcare industry, medicine, software engineering and wall street. 

Regardless of whether you are interested in medical school, consulting or industry, we encourage all students to learn more about Cobalt if they are passionate about the intersection of business, science, technology and consulting. 

What will I do at Cobalt?

Cobalt operates semesterly engagements with clients within life sciences, healthcare and technology. Our student teams get the opportunity to work within engagement pods and connect with a dedicated client over the duration of a semester. Members get to learn the nuances of client communication and forge long-standing relationships. We gain the valuable opportunity to learn about internal corporate strategy as well as the nuances of our client’s particular industry. 

Some of our client industries have included immunotherapy, AI driven biotechnology, vaccine development, digital therapeutics and precision oncology. Cobalt’s engagements have ranged from developing market entry strategies for biotechnology products, building pricing models for medical devices, navigating the FDA regulatory landscape, and academic biomedical research to inform corporate strategy.

What does Cobalt look for in applicants?

Regardless of academic or professional background, Cobalt looks for students that are passionate about the intersection of consulting, business, science and technology. We also look for individuals that have the ability to collaborate with others and think comprehensively & analytically, as these skills are the core of what makes an amazing Cobalt consultant.

Do I need previous consulting experience to join?

No prior experience in consulting is required to join our student team as many of our members joined without any consulting experience. We teach incoming consultants about our unique diligence process so they can hit the ground running on their first engagement.

However, we highly encourage those interested in Cobalt to pursue an academic background related to science and technology. 

Should I apply even if I am not interested in consulting as a career-path?

Yes! Many of our members have gone on to medical school, Wall Street and the life sciences industry. The one common theme among the Cobalt team is our passion for business and science. 

Broadly speaking, Cobalt members hone the ability to think quickly, analytically break down problems and comprehensively present solutions. In addition, members get the opportunity to become well versed in specific industries within life sciences, healthcare and technology. This knowledge can be highly applicable regardless of one’s career path, and we’ve found that members speak heavily towards their Cobalt industry experience during interviews for jobs and medical school. 

Cobalt looks for applicants that are sharp, passionate, analytical, hard-working and determined, regardless of previous experience and academic background.

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