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One of Cobalt’s founding goals is to provide unique professional development opportunities related to life sciences, healthcare and consulting to students in the Baltimore area. We are devoted to ensuring the community has access to unique programs and events that will enhance their careers within the field of STEM.  

Hack-Homewood Concept

Hack-Homewood is Cobalt’s yearly hackathon that seeks to raise awareness regarding certain social issues related to life sciences. Cobalt harnesses the unique thinking and creativity of the general public to develop actionable solutions for key institutions in our community. 

  • Each year, Cobalt reaches out to key community leaders in order to specify key life sciences and healthcare issues that need addressing. These can range from increasing access to cancer treatments in impoverished areas to reducing the carbon footprint of freezers used to store biological specimens in laboratories. 

  • After doing research into all relevant aspects of the issue, the Cobalt team creates a case to frame the problem in a holistic manner that also specifies the communal components at play. 

  • After receiving many submissions from student teams, Cobalt assembles a team of experts within the field and judges the solutions. The best solutions are identified and passed along to relevant interest groups and institutions for implementation.​​

Consultant Panels

Our consultant panels allow students to connect with consultants to learn about career journeys and how to navigate the recruiting process. Panels offer opportunities for information and professional development assistance for all.


Our Medium newsletter provides information and insight into the current development in the biotech industry, spreading awareness on industry outlook and leaders, available jobs, and upcoming/past Cobalt events.

Life Sciences Workshop

Upcoming workshop will review preparation tips for those wanting to enter life sciences. Different industry roles, interview tips and an introduction to cellular technical analysis. Anecdotes from life sciences community leaders will be presented to give participants a window into real experiences in the workplace. 

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