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What We Do

Our mission is to enhance the professional development of our student volunteers while also creating unique professional development opportunities for the community based on our experiences. 

Consisting of a team with proven work experience in biotechnology design teams, business ventures and startups, our team at Cobalt seeks to work with industry companies on exciting engagements that explore the business and biomedical facets of life sciences. 


Cobalt works on engagements across a wide range of industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, therapeutics, diagnostics, and healthcare services. 

Industry Research

Conducting in-depth and pivotal research to identify trends and initiatives within academia and industry that impact emerging life sciences and healthcare markets.

Growth Strategy

Implementing optimal project research with client synergies to recommend an effective and efficient expansion outline.

Data Analytics

A dedicated data analytics team focused on utilizing business intelligence tools for data visualization.

Product Development

Identifying new product opportunities and a value-based pricing strategy for client datasets & newly-developed technology.

Our work here includes organizational structure, change management, and restructuring and re-engineering analysis.

Developing proprietary qualitative and quantitative research on new market segments to maximize potential revenues and profits

Inquiring about a particular market segment or niche research area using our wide array of knowledge and skill sets, our unique perspective as JHU students, and unmatched access to professors and alumni

Organizational Strategizing
Market Entry
Directed Research & Synthesis
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